RGLI Parade


Yesterday, 7 of our Year 5 children took part in the RGLI military parade.  Attached is a write up from Mr Alun Williams, Life Long Learning Manager.

“On behalf of all the schools and youth organisations that participated in the RGLI parade today can I thank you for the opportunity to be involved  in such a special and unique initiative. The assemblies, the parade lessons provided by ex-armed forces personnel from the Royal British Legion, and today’s march and drumhead service will long remain in the memories of the 150 young people who attended today.

Likewise, on your behalf, can I commend all the pupils and their staff who have shown such an interest in commemorating their island’s history. They threw themselves into the marching lessons, impressed everyone with their skills on the parade today and behaved excellently during the Drumhead service. They were a credit to their families and schools.

Education and learning is best delivered when it is relevant, challenging and embraces the whole community – and that was exemplified today.

By the way, if you get the chance pop along to Castle Cornet to see the display of 1000 poppy-painted pebbles. It is a simple but effective display of remembrance.

Regards, Alun”

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