Year 1 are currently looking at restocking and re-resourcing some of our learning areas. If you have any of the following items that you no longer need, we would be really grateful for them please.

Discovery Zone

Dried pasta, lentils, beans, rice etc (they don’t have to be in date as we aren’t eating them.)

Old screws, washers, nuts and bolts

Old electrical items which could be taken apart and explored e.g. Laptop, camera, radio, torches

Shells and bits of smooth sea glass

Wooden embroidery hoops and curtain rings



Bottle tops

Old CD/DVD disks

Old photo frames (with no glass)

Outdoor area

Items for mud and digging area:

  • Metal spoons
  • Metal kitchen utensils e.g. Potato masher, slotted spoons, serving spoons
  • Wooden or metal pestle and mortar
  • Metal buckets
  • Saucepans, colanders
  • Large plastic jars/pots

Picnic rugs or large blankets

Old pop up tents

Large pieces of fabric

Sewing  – 

Old scraps of material




Cooking –

Baking tins/trays

Mixing bowls

Measuring jugs

Cooking utensils

Role Play – 


Dressing up clothes

If you have any of the above items (or anything else you think we could make use of) we would be really grateful if you could bring them in to Year 1.

Thank you

The Year 1 team

2 thoughts on “Wanted!

  1. Cara De La Mare

    Hiya. Do you want these items brought in this week or at the start of term? Do we bring to Yr1 directly or need to drop off at Reception?


    • Mrs Bramley

      Hi, please bring them in whenever it is convenient for you. If you could bring them straight to Year 1 that would be great.
      Thank you!

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