Goodness Gang Seeds


***Please could all children bring in a plastic carrier bag for Friday***

The Co-op have kindly gifted each child a Goodness Gang Seed kit containing all 20 seed pots, a growing tray and guidance booklet.

These are the same kits which were available in stores last year. Once again the Co-op is hoping to inspire children with the chance to grow their own food.  The kits contain 20 different herbs and vegetables including spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, salad leaves, basil and spring onions.

The kits will be sent home on Friday this week. Please could all children bring a plastic carrier bag into school to take the kits home in.

World Book Day vouchers


Thursday 1st March is World Book Day

Your child will be bringing home a £1 book token. This year there are 10 fantastic books which can be bought for a special price of £1:

Alternatively, there are 5 full length paperbacks which can be bought for £1.50 or the token can be used to save £1 off any other full price book in a book shop.

The vouchers can be used in The Press Shop in Smith Street, W.H. Smith or The Lexicon.

There are some useful Book Day leaflets for parents which you may like to read:

Reading at Home – Key Stage 1 leaflet

Reading at Home – Key Stage 2 leaflet


Sharing Stories with 5-8 year olds

Sharing Stories with 9-12 year olds

Science Challenge – paper spinners


Science Week Home Learning Challenge

Can you make the ultimate paper spinner?

This week our whole school science focus has been learning how to make successful paper spinners. We have talked about the two forces which make the spinners work; gravity and air resistance.

Your challenge is to continue this investigation at home to find out how you can make a paper spinner spin in the air for as long as possible.

You can create your own spinner by cutting into any rectangle like this.

Here is a simple ‘how to’ video from YouTube  wekids paper helicopter spinners’

You can also download a paper template here if you wish Paper-Helicopter-Template

Think about what you could change to improve the spinner (the variables). Consider the size, shape and materials used.

Remember that when scientists carry out a science experiment they only test one variable at a time – this is called fair testing.

You can present your findings in any way you wish! Some suggestions are:

  • Make a poster
  • Make a film
  • Use an app like Book Creator or PicCollage
  • Take photographs and label them
  • Write a report
  • Draw a cartoon strip
  • Create a graph
  • Write a letter to your teacher to explain what you did
  • Write and perform a song!

You can work on your own, with friends, with your brothers and sisters or with your family.

If you would like to take part you have until Friday 9th March to bring your results back to school.

Good luck!

The science bit!

The shape of the helicopter rotor blades make it spin when dropped from a height. Gravity pulls the helicopter down. The air resists the movement and pushes up each rotor separately, causing the helicopter to spin.


Book Sale


A huge thankyou to everyone who brought in books to be donated to today’s sale and to everyone who has bought books. We do not have a final total yet but it looks like we have raised around £250 which will be used to buy new books for the school.

We have some books still left over. These have been put out on tables in the corridor by the swimming pool and you are welcome to come in after school to buy these. They are mainly picture books but we also have a number of cookery books. A suggested donation of 50p per book would be gratefully received.

Book Week – Readathon, dress up day, book sale


Book Week 2018

Please keep reading for information on the Readathon, dressing up day and book sale!

Once again we are going to take part in Read for Good’s sponsored read which has a long track record of encouraging students to read for fun. Pupils choose what they want to read, and the money they raise, as well as providing them with fantastic motivation, enables Read for Good to provide a regular supply of brand new books and storyteller visits to children in hospital all over the UK.

Research shows again and again that young people who regularly choose to read are more likely to do well in exams, and throughout their lives. Read for Good’s sponsored read helps to establish and reinforce these good habits and enables pupils to discover which books, authors and genres they enjoy the most.

As well as raising money for charity, we will receive 20% of the overall sponsorship total to use to buy new books for the school, so please do get involved by clicking the link above. Friends and family can also use this link – just forward these details to them.

Collecting sponsorship could not be easier, because as well as sending cash or cheques into the school office, it is also possible to pay online. Click on this link to sponsor a pupil:

Please encourage your child as much as possible by supporting their reading. They could choose a way to challenge themselves e.g.

  • How many books can they read during the week?
  • How many different kinds of reading material can they read? e.g. story, non-fiction, encyclopedia, recipe, poetry, audio book, ebook, magazine etc
  • How many minutes can they read during the week?
  • How many pages can they read in the week?

For more information on the work of Read for Good, click here

Children will bring home sponsorship cards next week. The Readathon will run for one week beginning on Monday 5th February. Please then return forms and cash/cheques to school before Half Term if possible. 

Dressing Up Day

To celebrate the end of book week, we are inviting children to come to school dressed up as a character from a book on Friday 9th February.

Children in Years 5 and 6 may prefer to bring in a prop from their favourite book which will be used for various games and activities in class.

Book Sale – Friday 9th February

Once again we shall be holding a second hand children’s book sale in the hall. All money raised will be used to buy new books for the school.

Please bring book donations into school anytime during Book Week and leave by the swimming pool.

Children will be able to buy 1 or 2 books for 50p each during the morning. Any remaining books will be sold at lunchtime.

We are looking for adult helpers to run the sale, so if you can help for some or all of the morning please speak to Miss Horsepool or let the office know.

Book Week Competitions


We will once again be celebrating Book Week which begins on Monday 5th February.

During this week we shall be hosting visits by 2 authors.

David Lucas will be visiting Years 1 and 2 and A.F. Harrold will be coming to speak to the juniors.

The Schools Library Service have organised two competitions which have been launched in our assemblies today.

The infants are asked to design a robot – the brighter and bolder the better!

KS1 Design a Robot

The juniors task is to design the most delicious cake that they can think of!

KS2 Design a Cake

If your child would like to take part then please ask them to return their entry to their class teacher by Friday 26th January.

The ‘top 3’ designs from our school for each age category will be sent to the library, from which three overall winners will be chosen. The winners will be invited to the Meet the Author event at the library on Thursday 8th February to collect their prizes from the authors.

More information about Book Week activities will follow shortly.

Many thanks

Miss Horsepool


Recycling Awareness Week


This morning we welcomed Ben and Tina who are Waste Prevention and Recycling Officers for a special assembly to promote Recycling Awareness Week.

Thankyou to everyone who brought in a tin can. We found out that if every family in Guernsey recycled just one tin can then it could save enough energy to power our school for 29 days!

Well done to all of you who have already sent in a family recycling pledge. These can be handed to class teachers throughout this week and will be displayed in the corridor shortly so that we can all share ideas about how together we can do more for recycling in Guernsey!

The theme of this years Recycling Awareness Week is ‘What Goes Around Comes Around.’ Did you know that 8 plastic bottles can be used to make a football shirt?

If you would like to find out more about how and where you can recycle different household items then please visit: 

The Big Butterfly Count


Here’s one idea for the summer holidays!

Take part in the Big Butterfly Count which runs until 6th August.

How to take part

You simply go outside and count how many butterflies you can see in 15 minutes.

On the website is a downloadable identification chart or there is a free app which you can download onto a phone. Once you have counted you then upload your results.

Why take part? 

Butterflies in the UK are facing “a vital” period following a worrying decline in their numbers, naturalist Sir David Attenborough has warned.
The TV broadcaster said some of the UK’s most common species have suffered “significant declines” in recent years.

Read more here in a BBC news article: 

On the Big Butterfly Count website is a map showing you where people have counted and how many different butterflies they have seen. It would be great to see lots of Guernsey participants this year!

You could try counting in different places around Guernsey and see where and when you spot the most butterflies, or where you find the most different species of butterfly.

Happy counting!

Summer Reading Challenge


This week we launched the Summer Reading Challenge in assembly and all children should have now brought home a flyer.

The theme this year is Animal Agents, and over the course of the challenge children can collect stickers and clues to solve a mystery!

Children have been challenged to read at least 6 books while the challenge runs from 15th July – 15th September. These can be any kind of picture books, stories, non-fiction books, comics and even audio books.

You can pop into the library any time to pre-register or complete an online registration form by clicking here. Your challenge pack will then be ready to collect from the 15th of July from the Children’s Library in town.

All you need to do then is to pop in to the library and tell them about the books that have been read. After 2 reads children will receive a doorhanger, after 4 books they will get a wristband and when all 6 books are finished children will receive a medal and a voucher for a free swim at Beau Sejour.

Need more information on the Reading Challenge? Visit or call the Children’s Library on 743635.