The Big Butterfly Count


Here’s one idea for the summer holidays!

Take part in the Big Butterfly Count which runs until 6th August.

How to take part

You simply go outside and count how many butterflies you can see in 15 minutes.

On the website is a downloadable identification chart or there is a free app which you can download onto a phone. Once you have counted you then upload your results.

Why take part? 

Butterflies in the UK are facing “a vital” period following a worrying decline in their numbers, naturalist Sir David Attenborough has warned.
The TV broadcaster said some of the UK’s most common species have suffered “significant declines” in recent years.

Read more here in a BBC news article: 

On the Big Butterfly Count website is a map showing you where people have counted and how many different butterflies they have seen. It would be great to see lots of Guernsey participants this year!

You could try counting in different places around Guernsey and see where and when you spot the most butterflies, or where you find the most different species of butterfly.

Happy counting!

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